Chicken Soup Press, Inc.

Chicken Soup Press, Inc.


Chicken Soup Press was created in 1995, to honor a dear friend who had died of lung cancer. The author and her friend used to toast to "chicken soup" whenever they dined out. If you have a chicken soup friend, you have a friend for life, someone who loves you no matter what silly things you may say or do. Janet was a teacher and administrator who loved children. Our press publishes children's books to "warm the heart," and to keep Janet's memory alive. 


      Your friendship sipped, like sweetened vintage wine

    mellowed long in great old wooden casks,

   a joy discovered, warmed upon the vine

     palest gold, or brightest red – in flasks.


This treasure hidden, long kept stored away

within the vaulted chamber of your heart

but opened up, by you, to light of day

   when I did knock, so darkness did depart.


And so we drank together from life’s cup

  sipping the brandied wine, our friendship grew,

we laughed and cried and held each other up

until you had to leave, with soft adieu.


    In sweet remembrance, let me toast my friend

     like classic wine, to our most perfect blend.