Chicken Soup Press, Inc.

Meet Our Authors And Illustrators


Margaret S. Campilonga is a retired high school English and Special Education Teacher. She was born in London, England and emigrated with her family to New York when she was just a child. Margaret loves writing. She lives with her husband, Frank, and a menagerie of dogs and cats in upstate New York. She has written many young-adult novels and children's stories. 

M. L. Stainer is a former teacher and loves writing historical fiction. She fell in love with the mystique of the Outer Banks and the Lost Colony and now visits every summer. Her theory of what happened to the colonists in 1587 forms the basis of her series, The Lyon Saga. As an avid reader and prolific writer, she happily researched the time period, interweaving fact and fiction into a fascinating series. Educated at Queens College and Fordham University, she holds many advanced degrees.

Selene Goodman is the pen name of a famous writer. She adores Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and found great satisfaction in writing the sonnets and free verse to accompany the text.

Carl Lindahl loves to draw and do glass etchings as well. He lives in Middletown, New York and is now retired. Carl had a lot of fun drawing little John and his animal friends.

James Melvin lives in Nags Head, North Carolina, where he operates Melvin's Studio and Gallery. He is well-known for his stunning portrayals of black culture and life. A versatile artist, he works in oils, acrylics and pastels, and has illustrated many children's books. Melvin's works are owned by collectors throughout the U.S. and abroad.